Business Sustainability

Britannia Transworld’s sustainability policy is a business commitment and a strategy to achieve long term sustainability. Our sustainability vision is to supply quality products and services to customers.

Our sustainability strategy is to maintain high ethical standards in carrying out business activities. We value the importance of social responsibility in our business and the contribution it makes to our success.

It is our aim to encourage and promote the sustainable performance of suppliers and the sustainability credentials of the goods and services that we purchase. The sustainability strategies are summarised as:

  • Sustainability integration into business activities.
  • Identify customer specific and good practice sustainability initiatives.
  • Supply quality products that are sustainable.
  • Provide a working environment where colleagues can work safely.

We are committed to promoting good sustainability practice through the efficient use of resources by reducing pollution and the environmental impact of our operations and products.

A separate health and safety policy has also been implemented to ensure a safe working environment which satisfies health and safety standards set by law in the workplace as well as products and services used.

Britannia Transworld expects high standards to be observed in all of its business dealings. The business ethics policy includes statements from our code of conduct policies for all colleagues, suppliers and third parties.

We respect our environmental responsibility in business decisions through the supply chain. We value our customer’s satisfaction by providing products and services of the highest quality.

Our purchasing policy gives us the opportunity to select suppliers, according to their specification, cost, quality and service. The company always favours suppliers that have similar views like us on environmental, ethical and moral issues.

We have established a set of procurement policy which is based on environmental, social, economic and beneficial financially to achieve our business objectives. We have equal opportunities for all in recruitment, selection, promotion, training and guidance to staff. We follow all employment laws and regulations of the country.

We are committed to purchasing high standards of ship equipment and spare parts, electronic products and consumer goods. The company minimises its use of paper and other office consumables such as computer supply and redundant equipment and identify opportunities to reduce these waste.

We believe our sustainable community success depends upon our relationship with the local community and involvement through following means;

  • Active and organised work in the local community.
  • Responsible healthy community services to businesses.
  • Enhancing local community ownership in businesses.

Economic sustainability is our priority and it develops the ability to support a defined level of economic supply and service indefinitely. Sustainability requires an integration of economics, society and morality.

  • The Essence of Sustainable Economy.
  • Diverse and financially viable economic base.
  • Reinvestment of resources in the local economy.
  • Elevating of local ownership in businesses.