Supply Chain Policy

Britannia Transworld supply chain accommodates all the individuals, organisations, resources, activities and technologies which are involved in the sale of a product to the end user through marketing distribution channels.

Our supply chain policy is based on the products, information and services as they are processed from supplier to customer around the world. The purposes of our supply chain are coordinating and integrating the product, the information and the finances within the company. We work with the suppliers whose perspective on human rights, health & safety and environmental issues oblige with rules and regulations.


The suppliers shall comply and always work within the laws and regulations of their country.

We maintain the highest ethical standards in all our business conduct and anticipate that our suppliers must practice the same ethical and professional manner.

We are committed to excellence in environment, health and safety performance and endeavour to improve it constantly. We believe that our suppliers, contractors and third parties shall protect the health and safety of their employees as well as the environment in carrying out all their activities.

Our collaboration with suppliers embraces a high level of purposeful cooperation to maintain a successful, long lasting trading relationship for the benefit of both businesses.

We believe that if a buyer and a supplier share an equal responsibility and desire to make the relationship successful, then this will be evident in the service or product being delivered.

The relationship is based on;

  • Business ethics
  • Buyer long term contracts
  • Suppliers quality product and reduce costs
  • Customer satisfaction through improved delivery accuracy
  • Increased internal efficiency
  • Fast and easy ordering
  • To shorten leads times
  • Broad supply chain operation
  • Increased sales through optimised supply chain operations
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Health, safety and environmental standards

The company owned a sister logistics couriers company ‘The Real Couriers Limited’, which is providing in house supply chain logistics management system. The Real Couriers Limited is increasingly being seen as a source of our competitive strength and adding effective potential at cost reduction and the opportunity for increasing market share.