Quality Assurance

Britannia Transworld has a very high standard quality assurance policy that ensures the quality of products and services meets the requirements of customers. Our quality assurance procedure is well defined and provides the complete guidelines which include preventing mistakes or defects in products and services to customers, providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled and managing customer service standards.

Our quality assurance is fundamental to all work undertaken by the company. It is the prime objective of the company to achieve the highest degree of quality in its products and services commensurate with the requirements as defined and agreed in the supplier’s specification.

We are committed to providing customers high standards of quality assurance and successful professional work performance. Our strong position in the field of product supplies and services is based on trust that our customers place in our quality assurance.

The company always fulfils customer expectations by consistently meeting quality standards. We take responsibility for delivering quality supplies. Our successful quality assurance is based on the principle ‘right first time’ - ‘zero defects’ that focused on quality policy, quality objectives and quality assurance to meet customer requirements.

We are committed to maintain this quality assurance reputation going forward as a business. The company ensures continuity of performance that we have established and maintained an effective quality assurance program through the quality assurance audit.