Health & Safety Policy

Britannia Transworld identifies and accepts its responsibilities under the health and safety at work. We are committed to our obligations to practice health and safety in accordance with the current legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

The company health & safety and general policies are as follows;

  • To achieve the highest standards of health and safety throughout the company.
  • To ensure that assessments of all areas of work activities are carried out regularly, in order to identify hazards and work to prevent instances of injury, disease and dangerous occurrences arising.
  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions and adequate welfare facilities for all employees.
  • To maintain and manage excellence in health and safety matters.
  • To encourage employees and others to co-operate with the management in all safety matters.

We are obliged to consult with the employees and others related to safety issues and ensure that the company provides adequate financial resources if needed to meet these objectives.

We are committed to providing relevant health & safety training and promoting its awareness to employees and where appropriate to suppliers, customers and third parties.

Copies of this policy are to be available to all company employees, customer, suppliers and third parties.


The policy was issued on 5th January 2017 and will be reviewed annually thereafter. The director will be ensuring that the company operates in accordance with policy.