Business Profile

Britannia Transworld Limited is a family-run business which was established 2011 in the UK. After achieving success in the electronic field, the company is making headway in the supply of marine equipment and consumer goods where it aims to emulate the same results.

The company founder and chairman with two decades of experience in business and international trade has focused on the company's business growth by taking innovative and robust measures and becoming trusted suppliers of marine shipping, electronics and consumer goods globally. The business initially provided electronic products such as mobile phones, headphones, tablets, digital cameras, watches and related accessories. Some of the brands we continue to provide are Apple, Samsung, Google pixel and Blackberry Porsche. Having gained success in the electronic field, which is evident by the turnover of millions within a couple of years, we move forward in our evolution of electronic gadgets to diversified marine shipping and consumer goods supply around the world.

Our successful expansion provides us with the opportunities to deliver a wide range of turnkey equipment, machinery, parts and in a house dedicated logistics services to the shipping industry. Additionally, we have diversified into the designer clothing of new generation and are in the process of supplying luxury leather product briefcases, travel bags, handbags and other fashionable accessories.

With a reputable network of manufacturers and stockists possessing considerable experience of supplying and negotiating, our supply chain develops innovative marketing strategies. We strive to provide cost effective solutions that directly address our client’s supply chain requirements.

Britannia Transworld owned a sister courier and logistics company ‘The Real couriers Limited’, which ensures that transportation is managed as quickly and safely as possible. The Real Couriers Limited provides facilities for courier and logistics, packing, storage, warehousing and full tracking support to the end user.

We have proceeded by becoming ever more capable of adding unique value to customer products and services. We always accommodate our customers’ requirements by regularly improving staff knowledge to ensure that the best available services are provided to them.

At the end, Britannia Transworld is proud to state that we are an expert in exploring opportunities and translating them into results.